"To drive a sampan is a mezmerizing joy!"
Paradise Perfect is a bite-sized game with excellent and fun boat physics. New, free chapters released every now and then. For Windows and Mac.
BOATMASTER TARO has not prepared your heart for the jungle of moral ambiguity.



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DRM Free - All Platforms - All Future Chapters Included
When you buy Paradise Perfect you get any and all chapters or other updates that may be released in the future, free. Just think of it as "freeloadable content!"

System Requirements:
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or better
  • 1GB RAM, 50MB hard disk space
  • NVIDIA GeForce, AMD RADEON, or Intel HD graphics
OS Requirements:
  • Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8
  • Mac OSX 10.6 or better

What is Paradise Perfect?

It's a bite-sized game with excellent and fun boat physics. Drive from island to island rescuing people, search for items, participate in relay races and perform other missions.

It's organized into levels you can go back and play for better times. Taken together the chapters tell the story of HERO, a protege of the mysterious BOATMASTER TARO.

There is a lot planned. The game is being developed in chapters which are periodically released, sort of like a camp TV show. No promises on how long I'll run this particular show or how frequently chapters will appear, but I'd love to do it in weekly instalments at least part of the time.

You can think of it like a pulp serial or something.

Can My Computer Play This Thing?

Paradise Perfect looks cute but does a lot of calculation for water and boat physics. For that reason, you need a reasonably modern CPU although I'm hoping to optimize the physics a bit more in the future, so this may change:

  • Core 2 Duo (desktop) or Core i3 (desktop or mobile) or better CPU
  • Note: Some slower Core 2 Duo CPUs, especially mobile CPUs, may run the game a bit slow.
  • 512mb Ram or better (depending on your OS)
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8.
  • Mac OS X 10.6 64-bit
  • OpenGL 1.2 capable graphics (this includes most Intel HD, NVIDIA GeForce, or AMD RADEON.
  • Windows 8 users with AMD RADEON cards please make sure your OpenGL drivers are up-to-date!

Are You Going To Charge Extra for Other Chapters or Additional Content?

No. You get all future Chapters for free when you buy Chapter 1. That said...

When you buy the game you are buying only the chapters that are out until now. I won't promise anything in particular for future chapters (will there be 10? 100? 1?) but I do certainly plan on making them. The game will always be priced at what I think is fair for what is presently available.

If I do make more chapters, or other additions to the game (e.g., extra levels, etc.) you will not have to pay anything for them. That said...

With each subsequent chapter, the price to buy the game will probably increase. If you've already bought the game this won't affect you in any way and you will get the additional chapters for free. However the game will always be priced according to what a fair price is for the chapters that are already there. So if you buy it earlier it's like an early bird bonus.

Ack! I Bought Your Game And It Doesn't Work!

Ack indeed! I'm really sorry.

Please email me at support@kittylambda.com and I will help you out. Please give me a day or two (if the weekend) to respond, I take customer service seriously so please be confident when you buy the game.

Can I Do a Let's Play?


Permission is hereby granted to record/broadcast/distribute any and all video capture of gameplay audiovisual aspects for the purposes of reviewing, previewing, commenting on, or any other purpose that would normally fall under the umbrella of a 'Let's Play' style video.

If you do a LP though let me know and I'll try and post it!

Review copies are available. Drop me a line calvin@kittylambda.com

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